Where To Buy Opals Online?

09 Dec

Hi, and welcome to my blog post “Where To Buy Opals Online?

truthfully this really is quite a serious question because there are a lot of scammers out there ready to sell you fake opals!

These opals have been made in a lab and many of them actually look quite good, but have a think about it!

Why, are they so darn cheap?  Because they are mass produced that’s why!

Below I have added an article called Natural Opal Types and was written by a very well respected opal dealer in Australia.  He is also the owner of

Here are Three Main Natural Opal Types

When buying diamonds, sapphires or rubies, you have either a real one or a synthetic. But with opal you can buy an expensive solid stone, or you can buy a triplet or a doublet. Doublets and triplets are far more affordable than solid opals–and they are still real opal. So its good to get to know the differant natural opal types so you know what you are buying.

solid black opal3 Natural Opal Types

Dark and Black Opal – Natural Opal Types 1

A solid piece of opal with a natural dark or black back. This makes the foreground of the stone darker and opaque [non see-through] on top. Black and dark opals come in all color variations. This page of pendants features some black opal and opal doublets as well. you will notice that some really brilliant doublets are higher priced that some solid black opals. it all depends on the brightness and the quality of the stone itself. They are all natural opal types.

solid crystal opal3 Natural Opal Types

Pale Opal – Natural Opal Types 1

A sold piece of opal without a natural black back. The stone has a lighter, more delicate color on top. When translucent [letting light through] it is called ‘crystal’ When opaque [not see through] it’s called ‘white’, ‘pale’ or ‘milk’ opal. They come in all color variations. You will be able to see the natural  light colored opal pendant here, standing out against the dark opals in this bunch of pendants.

Boulder dark and black opal3 Natural Opal Types

Boulder dark and black  Opal – Natural Opal Types 2

A solid piece of boulder opal with a natural brown ironstone back, giving it a dark opal appearance from the top. Boulder opals are also dark or black opals. They come in all color variations.Here are some examples of boulder opals that have been set ready to wear. The first three at the top are natural opal boulders. Leave a message at the bottom of this page if you want more explanation about these pendants

doublet opal13 Natural Opal Types

Composite Natural Opal

A solid piece of opal cemented to a natural black [potch] backing, giving the appearance of black opal on top and is opaque. Because of this dark appearance it falls into the category of dark or black opal.  The stone is made of TWO pieces. Hence the name DOUBLET. Doublets come in all color variations.  Doublets in the form of pendants are very popular. Here are some examples mixed with solid lights and dark opals.

composite natural opal3 Natural Opal Types

Composite Natural Opal

A thin piece of opal cemented to a black background with a crystal cap cemented to the top. The stone is made of three pieces. Hence the name TRIPLET. Triplets come in all color variations. They are also categorized as dark or black opals and are opaque [non see-through] So they fit in with the natural opal types because they are really made of solid crystal opal sliced into layers.  Triplets are also popular as pendants because they are still natural opal types.  The first two lines of these opal pendants are triplets.  Very popular because they are bright and inexpensive

Photo right: Yowah Nut Opal on show!

Yowah Nut Opal, Cupped for Showing

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

Natural Opal Types 2

When small flecks of opal color is found scattered throughout the boulder ironstone, its called ‘matrix’  or ‘boulder matrix’ You will see an example of a boulder matrix triplet pendant set in silver in the second last row of this display of pendants on the extreme right.  Its the one with bright green flashes in a brown background

Photo right:  The spectacular color that only real opal can produce!

Natural Opal Types 3
Opals can express every color in the visible s...

Image via Wikipedia

Andamooka Matrix is another variety of matrix opal. In this case the potch is porous enough to allow a dark staining process to take place, making the stone dark in appearance.

So the natural opal types are Dark and black opal, Pale opal which takes in white and crystal opal, Boulder Opal which includes boulder opal matrix, and Andamooka Matrix which is a natural treated opal. Then Opal Doublets And Triplet Opals which are still natural opal but have been set in a black or dark background, giving them the appearance of black opal.

To view the original article Natural Opal Types please click the link now!

From the article above you can very well see that there are a few natural Opal Types and these are not synthetic opals produced in a lab!  These guys where dug straight from the mines and are the real deal.

What I would recommend when you are searching online in any website looking for unset or opal jewelry take everything into account the positives and the negatives!

So, I am sorry I didn’t provide you with a direct source on where to buy opals online?

Click this link and it will take you directly to as these guys are the real deal!

Photo right: Far from synthetic this one!

Opal,2 Australia Pd

Image via Wikipedia

Synthetic opal

As well as occurring naturally, opals of all varieties have been synthesized experimentally and commercially. The discovery of the ordered sphere structure of precious opal led to its synthesis by Pierre Gilson in 1974.[5] The resulting material is distinguishable from natural opal by its regularity; under magnification, the patches of color are seen to be arranged in a “lizard skin” or “chicken wire” pattern. Furthermore, synthetic opals do not fluoresce under UV light. Synthetics are also generally lower in density and are often highly porous.

Two notable producers of synthetic opal are the companies Kyocera and Inamori of Japan. Most so-called synthetics, however, are more correctly termed “imitation opal”, as they contain substances not found in natural opal (e.g., plastic stabilizers). The imitation opals seen in vintage jewelry are often foiled glass, glass-based “Slocum stone“, or later plastic materials.

Other research in macroporous structures have yielded highly ordered materials that have similar optical properties to opals and have been used in cosmetics.[

Click the link to go to the Wikipedia article

I hope you enjoyed this article where to buy opals online?  Remember to click on the links above to get directed to a credible suppliere!

Until next time

Marty Ware

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  1. opalmine

    December 9, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Very helpful information. Loved the opal pattern pics from Wiki. Peter

  2. marty134

    December 9, 2011 at 5:39 am

    Thanks Peter, I appreciate you coming in here and making a comment! There will be more coming up in the near future!
    Happy Mining my friend
    Marty Ware!


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