The Outback Aussie Opal Fields Of Australia

02 Dec

Welcome to my blog post The Outback Opal Opal Fields Of Australia!

Did you know that this subject is steeped in true Aussie outback History?

Actually even a lot of Australian’s don’t know very much about this subject and it definately wasn’t taught in school.  I should know that because I attended one, school that is!

Anyway, here is a piece of content that covers the subject very well below!
“Oh”, yes lets not forget the video below, deep down inside an opal mine!

Opal Fields of Australia Map
opal fields of australia 300x238 Opal Fields of Australia

Where are the opal mines? Go Underground here

It is said that over 95% of the worlds opal comes from Australia.

Most of the Opal Fields of Australia are located in three states:

Boulder Opal fields of Australia

Queensland . Boulder opal is mined in a large area between Quilpie in the South and Winton in the north. The boulder and black opal fields nearly meet at the border between Queensland and NSW. They are a significant example of very remote opal fields of Australia.

Chrystal and White Opal Fields of Australia

more details of Opal Fields of Australia

A report on the Opal Fields of Australia would not be complete without mentioning the famous mines in South Australia . This is the home of the Coober Pedy, Mintabie, and Andamooka mines, famous for light opal, which includes crystal, grey and white opal. Sometimes called ‘milk’ opal. Here are some examples of light colored opal set in gold and silver as pendants and earrings. This white opal has been backed with a dark background giving it a dark opal appearance. At least twelve of these opal pendants are from south Australia. See if you can recognize them.

Photo right: Now that’s some serious opal!


Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

3. Black Opal Fields of Australia

TOURISTS Opal Fields of Australia

New South Wales is the home of the famous Black Opal. In fact its knon worldwide for dark opals. White cliffs further south toward the South Australian border, is all but mined out but was probably the largest opal mine in the world before Coober Pedy which is now one of the largest opal fields of Australia, was discovered.

This section describe opal mining in Australia, yesterday and today. Many of the photos you’ll see on these pages are displayed, with permission, from the reference books. If you are interested in these publications, please Contact Us for prices and details.

For more information, read the Encyclopaedia of Australian Opals to learn more about opals. Other parts of this site go into more details of the Opal Fields of Australia, so please enjoy the information and take as many notes as you like.

View the original article Opal Fields Of Australia here

So,what did you think of my page The Outback Aussie Opal Fields Of Australia, pretty cool huh?

I loved putting this together!

What I should really do is get in touch with peter from who supplied the story and see if he has any outback Aussie slang he can share with us!

English: Raw opal found in Andamooka South Aus...

Image via Wikipedia


Photo below right: Raw Opal found in Andamooka South Australia!

Anyway, please pass on this story to others, as I am very sure there would be many would would just love it!

See you again soon and happy travels


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